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Call for Participation by a Youth Center of Râmnicu Vâlcea city, Romania

Call for Participation in a Youth Center of Râmnicu Vâlcea city, Romania

Πρόσκληση για Εθελοντική Εργασία σε Εκπαιδευτικό Κέντρο για Νέους.

Στοιχεία για το Πρόγραμμα μπορείτε να βρείτε στον σύνδεσμο:

Κοινοποιείται η πρόταση συνεργασίας:


My name is Adelina Florescu and I represent an youth organization from Romania. I'm writing this email because our organization has an approved project that involves volunteering for 2 Greek youngsters. If you have youngsters in your community interested to work with children from rural area for 6 months in Romania, please share this information. I attach here also the info kit for more information. We are open to make Partnership agreement with the interested organizations. 

Thank you very much! 

Call for volunteers

Volunteering in rural areas can be a life-changing experience, if you want to join this experience, send us an email at and we will provide you more information about this EVS stage

The AIDE Association offers  the opportunity to volunteer for 6 months in Romania for youngsters  from 15.07.2019-11.01.2020 in the project „NONFORMAL enlights RURAL", the main theme is to do activities with children in rural schools from Valcea county.

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