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"CALLme" ... Trendy &Tasty... are you Thirsty? #handiedancefestival launched by EER internationally

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Labrini, Paris and Eleni, three matured but in the same time youth-full EER spirits cooperate for supervising and supporting the #handie dance festival.

A competition just started in the local region Xanthi, within the entertainment activities of a children's playground ( and we just have been insprired...

We invite you to participate!

All people, whatever the age, the social background, the lifestyle preferences and the language spoken; whatever the culture and traditions, wherever they leave, whatever the discrimination or the disability...

are invited to participate to the one of a kind INCLUSIVE CULTURE DANCE FESTIVAL

a spitiually innovative and easy to practice dance-mode using the hands, the mouth and the face, or just the hands, or even one hand, in team, single or double!

Visit us to check some first drafts in #instragram. #instragram at #esaienroi #handiedance

PARTNERS interested to promote the festival and be our contact points, are invited to call us and challenge our team to get more high, quick and strong!

Contact information:

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