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EMILIO CARBAJO VÁZQUEZ: The upcoming Volunteer for the "KAIZEN Youth for Health" project

EMILIO CARBAJO VÁZQUEZ is the upcoming volunteer of the KAIZEN Youth for Health project. His first experiences will be near to International Taek Won Do Hellas and he will also have some support and educational visits in Konstantinion Research Center of Molecular Medicine and Biotechnology in Thessaloniki and our local representatives of Institute of Nutritional Studies and Research. Several opportunities will be given to him for being a part of the local community and supporting people with disabilities and social disadvantages.

As Emilio claims, he is a very proactive and restless person, he always seeks to acquire new experiences and knowledge from all over the world and all the people he meets. He always tries to act with empathy and tolerance, that is whyhe has always had a great interest in working with immigration and groups at risk of exclusion.

Emilio is from Seville, Spain and last year he has finished his studies in Medicine. He has always wanted to focus the career from the more social side and that is why he has experiences in different sectors such as working with vulnerable populations, education, people with disabilities, immigrants, etc. He is currently doing a master's degree in International Health at the University of Malaga and he would like to take advantage of these months of online training to be able to carry out a project where he can acquire experiences and learning, before starting the specialization. He discovered the call of this project and it caught his attention, especially because he has a friend who was in the city of Thessaloniki just before the pandemic and she has told him a lot about the work there. He would like to be part of our team and he compromises to give the best of himself in all situations.

Project Summary: t is a common belief that behavioral patterns are fundamental as to evaluate quality of life. We aim to quality of life (QoL) of 1) DISABLED and disadvantaged population including them to a short environmental protection campaign with medians sport & cultural events and 2) of the volunteers‘ themselves introducing them to basic principles of QoL.

In our ESC project volunteers with fewer opportunities will cooperate with disadvantaged & disabled youth and other young people with strong potentials in sports, arts and ecological activation and all together will learn & support activities related to inclusive culture. Within the short time period of volunteering they will create a facebook community for passing their experiences, ideas and hopes in the digital world, a contemporary practice for keeping a directory of the event and sharing their opinions with others. EERcomt hopefully will make available to the ESC volunteers sports equipment, chairs, easels, music instruments, theatrical clothes, etc. after related agreements related to the safety and good maintenance of this equipment.

In the current mobility EERcomt cooperates with the affiliated partners: Konstantinion Research Center of Molecular Medicine and Biotechnology and Institute of Nutritional Studies and Research to be supported with tuttors. The President of EERcomt, as a member of the Board of the other two associations, is the main median that engaged the partnership.

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