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European Youth Week | ESAI EN ROI Contributions

RETHINKING YOUTH - The Future in our Hands

a project organized by Emilio Carbajo Vazquez, Jelena Todic & Elisabetta Marinoni and supervised by Eleni Kavazidou

Because of the European Youth Week, WE, from Esai en Roi Cultural Organization of Macedonia - Thrace (Thessaloniki, Greece) propose a sociological and informative activity. The aim is to find out how European youth think about the main issues that affect us as global citizens.

From the following topics: Career development, Solidarity, Art and culture, Personal development, Health and Quality of life; We will prepare a series of interviews with young Greek people between 18 and 28 years old and will be published daily during the youth week. We propose that those young people from all Europe who want to join with their motivation, knowledge and dedication, can participate on the preparation of these interviews in their respective countries.

Through this activity we can know at first-hand, what is the thinking of the youth about these important issues. The future is in the hands of the youth, so knowing how we think and rethink these things is the only guide that will show us what our future will be like.

1. Career development

a. Formation opportunities

b. Employment opportunities

c. Youth salary and life quality as a worker

d. The dreams

e. The environment that surrounds you and that allows you or not to achieve those dreams

f. The situation in your country

2. Solidarity

a. Vision about the youth solidarity

b. Personal experiences in solidarity

c. Vision about the poverty and the most excluded collectives

d. The solidarity on the actual capitalist world

3. Culture and Arts

a. Commitment with the culture and local art

b. The social spaces for public culture and arts on your city

c. Supporting the new artists

d. Culture, arts and COVID-19

e. Self-expression of art

4. Personal development

a. The objectives, the dreams

b. Achievements/Defeats in the youth

c. Actual panorama of global development

d. Social media

e. The youth and the empowerment

f. Gender

g. The family, friends and social life commitment

5. Health and Quality of life

a. The importance of personal health

b. The importance of public health

c. The diet

d. The sport

e. The mental health

f. The addictions

g. The environmental commitment

One interview from a Greek & foreign youth, will be published each day from 25th to 30th May.

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