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EVS MACs Autumn: SOUNDS OF BODY | Activities initiations from ALINA BELYAEVA from KAZAN

We want to invite you to course "Sounds of body" from russian ??? Alina Belyaeva where you can:

release your voice and body

develop your fluency in voice

increase your personal and creativity development

understand how voice and body works together self-regulate yourself through music and vocal therapy

Title: SOUNDS OF BODY Every Tuesday & Friday Time: 18:30-20:00 Duration: 90'

Participants: 16+ years-old Place: EERco Art-Studio, G. Vizyinou 53, Alexandreia Imathias Tel.: 23330 25 555 Start Date: 09.10.2018 End Date: 16.11.2018 COST: free of charge EERco Services (funded by EVS erasmus+ Program)

Project Description We gonna work with breathing, voice rezonators system, vocal therapy through body-oriented approaches. We will try also to learn traditional russian and tatar songs base on the system of course.

Every Tuesday and Friday from 18 30 we are waiting for you by the adress G. Viyinou 53, Alexandreia Imathias

Topic & Sub-Topics 1. Introduction to the group. Music therapy/vocal therapy introduction. Discussions. 2. Music therapy. 2.1. Introduction to music instruments. 2.2. Rhytm, melody, garmony. Learning rhytmical, melodical, garmonical instruments. 2.3 Improvisation and self-tuning by music instruments. 2.4. Improvisation and tuning communication by music instruments. 2.5 Music instruments and dance movements. 3. Vocal therapy 3.1 Breathing 3.2 Rezonators. 3.3 Vocal improvisation and self-tuning. 3.4 Vocal improvisation and tuning communication by voice. 3.5 Voice and dance movements. 4. Improvisation by using sounds and body movements.

Aims ¥ releasing the voice and body ¥ fluency in voice ¥ personal development ¥ creativity development ¥ self-regulation through music and vocal therapy

Coordinator: Alina BELYAEVA, Music Therapist, Vocal Coach, Singer, Composer || Kazan, Russian Federation

Services in the frames of MAXIMIZE ARTS & CREATIVITY SKILLS (AUTUMN Season) EVS e+ Project

Project Supervisor: Eleni I. Kavazidou (Msc, PhD), Choreographer, Choreologist, Dance/Movement Therapist, Dance Instructor

Project Mentor: Maria Arabatzi, Dance Teacher, Dance Studio Director

Mobile of Project Supervisor: +30 6906 98 22 44

Mobile of Project Mentor: +30

6948 814 387

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