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EYTERPE Award | December 2020 - January 2021

EFTERPI 2020 Award, a tribute to honor the great worldwide known composer MIKIS THEODORAKIS. A dramatic December, outrageously unexpected, full of surprises ... but we continue to convey positive messages inspired by Mikis, his fungus and turbulence ... now 95 years old ... A unique composer who dedicated his life to a vision for a better Greece, always believing and strengthening the zeal, passion and stormy impetus of our New Generation.

The EFTERPI Award concerns the awarding of important artistic figures for

1. their artistic work in ancient, Byzantine and modern Greek music

2. the emergence of music as a therapeutic medium

3. research and innovation in the field of music and rhythm education, education and high performance

4. the support and development of artistic education in the field of orchestral art (or 5. the recognition of their artistic work at European and World level, without necessarily, the type of distinction and recognition being related to the Greek element, except that of the nationality of the awardee

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