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MELTHALEIA Award | December 2020 - January 2021

MELTHALIA Award 2020 of honor to the late MELINA MERKOURI. Melina Mercouri Year 100 years since the birth of MELINA. A prominent personality who significantly influenced the modern political history of "what is GREECE". Artist with an international career and recognition, multi-talented, multi-talented, "turbulent" ... "I hope to see the Marbles back in Athens before I die. But if they come later, I will be born again." MELINA MERKOURI

The MELTHALIA award concerns the awarding of important artistic figures for 1. their work of art in ancient Greek theater: ancient drama and ancient comedy 2. the Greek cinema 3. The support and development of artistic education in the field of acting (or 4. the recognition of their artistic work at European and World level, without necessarily, the type of distinction and recognition being related to the Greek element, except that of the nationality of the awardee

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