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TC in Rabka-Zdrój in Social Theater for ESAI en ROI Youth Workers with Artistic Profile

Training Course on Social Community Theatre

ONLY FOR ESAI EN ROI MEMBERS and affiliated individuals.

1st and 8th of July,

Place: Training & Educational Centre ReZone, in Rabka-Zdrój, Poland

Rabka-Zdrój is a small town an hour away on the south of Kraków, near the Zakopane mountains. The travel dates for the project will be 30/6 and 9/7.


We will be exploring the methodology of Social Community Theater, using games drawn from theatrical pedagogy adapted to the context of the intervention and to our participants.Our aims are raising awareness for Social Community Theater as a tool, supporting the creation of small artistic initiatives based on the topic, and supporting youth workers by offering them a new tool and strengthening their capacities. You can find the infopack attached to this email.

Participants: 2-4 per organization.

IF YOU ARE AN ESAI EN ROI MEMBER please subscribe reporting that you are EER participant, so if you apply in behalf of our organization you shall put the correct information:

ESAI EN ROI Cultural Organization of Macedonia Thrace

Applications will be open until the 15th of May

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