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Selection Results of a Mobility with Young Talented Artists | Summer Camp Verbania 2019

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Esai en Roi Organization of Macedonia - Thrace cooperates with Vedogiovanne and Teatro delle Selve in an artistic project, introductory to outdoor theater and sign language as a tool of improvisation in performing arts. The current activity is also supported by the University of West Attica (Department of Early Childhood Education and Care).

The greek artistic group of youth has been evaluated and have been selected the most talented within the applicants. The final results of the EERcomt participants are listed below:

1. Palia Maria-Eleni, Dancer, Teacher | Post-graduate of Rallou Manou Dance School for Professionals | Athenian Citizen

2. Kitsou Ariadni, Dancer, Teacher | Post-Graduate of National Dance School for Professionals | Athenian Resident

3. Georgiadi Myrto, Dancer, Teacher | Post-Graduate of National Dance School for Professionals | Athenian Resident

4. Vei Maria, Student in the Department of Early Childhood Education and Care, University of West Attica | selection reccomendation from the President of the Department | (piano player, amateur dancer) | Athenian Resident

The Leaders/ Artists of the Group are:

1. Sotiriou Aggeliki, pianist, Chorus Director, member of the teaching staff of the Department of Early Childhood Education and Care, University of West Attica

2. Kavazidou Eleni, choreographer, EERcomt Director

The participants' qualifications excellence is rewarded though a bursary that has been offered by the local organizers. The current project confirms a start-up of organizations' fellowship & is expected further fruitful cooperation.

The topics of the project are theatre, dance and creativity, voluntary work in a green area, inclusion, social & cultural diversity and sustainable development.


This international artistic youth-project will last from 20th to 27th of July 2019, in Verbania, Italy.

The main aims of the current mobility of young artists are:

- thematic workshops

- creative work with theatre, dance, other arts

- meetings

- brainstorming

- team works

- networking and projects development

- guided visit to our natural beauties

Workshop about green theatre

Theater in the nature is a research method that aims to bring to the participant a new point of view in which each one can see in nature a living partner with whom to relate in a profound way.

We will work on the body and on the voice, starting from some basic training exercises. We will do it in connection with the environment and natural space. In a second moment we will work to elaborate individual and group improvisations starting from stories, mythologies, characters invented and related to the topic of the relationship of man with nature. Each participant can contribute with stories, songs, dances from the traditions of their own land, or from their own personal knowledge.

On the basis of the improvisations then, a collective theatrical action will be created in the natural environment.

The actor and director of theatre workshop will be Franco Acquaviva

Franco Acquaviva CV

Graduated from the DAMS of the University of Bologna. As an actor he trained at the Theater Ridotto in Bologna with which he toured in Italy, Denmark, Venezuela, Argentina, Cuba, North America, Brazil, Poland, Germany, Switzerland; and organized exhibitions and international seasons at the House of Cultures and Theaters and the La Soffitta Theater Center in Bologna. He worked for twenty years as an actor and teacher alongside the great Danish actress and pedagogue Iben Nagel Rasmussen of Odin Theatre. He participates as an actor in the show Theatrum Mundi directed by Eugenio Barba at Festuge 2008 (Holstebro, Denmark), and collaborates with Odin on numerous other occasions. He has published essays on theatrology in various specialized magazines and a book of poetry with Ladolfi Editore.

ELENI KAVAZIDOU, Msc, PhD founder and principal choreographer of the Theater and Dance Department of Esai en Roi Cultural Organization of Macedonia - Thrace (1997-). is invited with the aim of contributing to the development of a project connected to theater  in the nature as a tool to sensitize community about inclusion topics through performing arts. We will realize a residencial art experience focused on the production of a multi art performance able to foster empathy by giving voice to the real, true stories of ordinary people. The aim of the project will be to connect theatrical activities with the golal of activating the participation of the inhabitants of the territory where the theater is located and also in that of the neighboring municipalities connected to the theater by a series of projects wich are already in progress.

The presence therefore of ELENI KAVAZIDOU is needed for to the reslization of the project itself and will also include a series of meetings with the Theater Director to also discuss and plan the best future cooperation activities in view of the presentation of projects in the frame of some national and european calls

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