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9th Panhellenic Festival with International Recognition

ESAI EN ROI is proud to announce that participates to the Steering Committee of the 9th Panhellenic Festival of Inclusive Culture 2021. EER is one of the founders of the Festival playing a marginal role to the success of the main activities. The activities are within the framework and basal priorities of SKILLMAN Network and is supported by volunteers of the ESC YACeco project and KAIZEN Youth for Health. SVITAC from Bosnia Herzegovina is majorly supporting our activities during the specific time-period.

The certification of non formal learning activities is ensured through the contemporary context of skills and competences validation through the CITIES OF LEARNING Alliance.

Description of the activities

Every day, a presentation of the mapping of cultural paths from nine cities on the topic of the Freedom of yesterday and today with emphasis on the Greek Revolution of 1821. Following are Youth meetings on the Vocational Rehabilitation of the Disabled and People with Less Opportunities.

The yeast is put in Chania with an interesting training by academics, teachers and vocational rehabilitation specialists. Meetings follow in Chios, Maronia, Thassos, Thessaloniki, Olympus, Preveza and Nafplio where young people discuss and suggest. We end up in Athens, where the young people of the capital talk to social policy makers. Live response to community actions

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