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A 2-day Tribute to the European Week of YOUTH | 15th You in Arts Festival

Democracy needs Voices:

"If l have the power to create, so do you!"


Topic of Discussion: "Democracy needs Voices": young people discuss about the importance of the rights on participation in several social activities; how can they claim their rights? How can they seek career opportunities?


Part II Description of EU Youth Actions via E+ & ESC; the attenders will be encouraged to participate in mobility activities, in which they could develop self-experession & self-awareness, or even pursue their career. Presentation of EERco youth mobilities of 2018-19 and their added value:

-TC (Unleash you Creativity), Hungar by Domna Konstantinidou, EERco Youth Worker

-EVS (Maximize Arts and Creativity), Greece by Eleni Kavazidou, Project's Supervisor

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