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Belma Nahic and our major expectations for YACeco project

Belma Nahic, a young female volunteer from Bosnia-Herzegovina has just arrived to support us in the YAC eco project continuum.

Young Active Citizens support Ecological Actions within the vision and the projects' continuity of the previous and current volunteers. We are very happy that we have Belma to our office, to support us through her precious experience not only to develop our previous workplan but also to initiate with new ideas and plans by sharing experiences and good practices.

Belma Nahic is a graduate of Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics of Sarajevo University. She has a Master Degree in Biology-Ecology. She speaks English fluently and is a proficient user of Microsoft Office package. More interestingly, she is a junior researcher in the field of ecology and environmental education.

She is an experienced volunteer having already offered her services to

- Entomology Dept. of National Museum of Bosnia Herzegovina (Sarajevo)

- Rafford Foundation Proejct (Sharklab ADRIA)

- Center for Civil Society Promotino (Think Nature! Proejct)

So many to share so much work to do... is the time enough?

We will try our best.

Welcome Belma!

We wish you all the best during your stay with full of fruitful challenges and wonderful memories!

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