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Condolence Letter for Mikis Theodorakis' last life moments

Condolence Letter

We express our sorrow for the death of MIKI THEODORAKIS and we address our sincere condolences to his family and relatives. The ode of death comes like a wave, with many people sympathizing and arguing about everything that will be mentioned and come to our memory. Mikis, together with the Mycenaeans and his historical reports, continues to be next to us, close to us, to enlighten us and parafigmatize the others with his achievements, ideologies, wonderful ideas and vision for a LIBERAL life within an equal opportunities content. His social action, his cultural struggle and his artistic credibility may remain independent and diachronic over time.

The photo is a personal item that presents the EYTERPE award by Labrini Boviatsou and special sculpture by Labrini KOSTIKA that have been nominated to him in December 2020 by our organization.

Hereafter we share with you satelites of his history as they have been presented by an artwork of Asteris Koutoulas, a fellow very close to him during his tours around the world!

Ten Diamonds of MIkis THEODORAKIS

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