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Condolences letter in memory of Fachantidou-Tsiligiroglou Anna, important figure of EERcomt members

An important figure in establishing the Interdisciplinary Symposium of our Festival ("Deaf and Hearing People" Festival of Inclusive Culture, 2013-19), aiding us in every step, Fachadidou - Tsiligiroglou Anna passed away yesterday, the day of the celebration of St. Catherine.

Born in Thessaloniki, Anna Tsiligiroglou-Fahandidou graduated from Thessaloniki Medical School and received two specialties, Pediatrics and Social Medicine. She later acquired the specialty of Developmental Pediatrics at Grate Ormond Street, University of London. She was awarded a doctorate of AUTH Medicine in 1982. She was a member of the Royal Academy of Society and Health of Great Britain.

She has written five textbooks: Anatomy, Health, Nutrition for Health, Exercise and Sport, Performance at School and Learning to Cope with Learning Disabilities, and Child Development and Health. She has served at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki as a Professor in theDepartment of Physical Education and Sports' Science. In her retirement she was awarded with the title of Emeritus Professor of AUTH and became Honorary President of the Pediatric Society of Social Pediatrics. She was a member of the Board of Inter-Balkan Women Cooperation of UNESCO, the Cancer Society and the Hellenic Amphitheater.

Her social work has been awarded by many organizations. She was honored with the "Silver Biceps Eagle" by the Ecumenical Patriarch in Constantinople. In recent years she has been a member of the Association of Painters of Thessaloniki. She has participated in many group-exhibitions of Artworks (with paintings) and two solo art-exhibtions.

Her sketches are available in several collections of poems, short stories and covers. During her adult lifespan she has been involved in literature. Since 2014 she has been president of the Union of Northern Greek Writers. Three of her short stories have been awarded equal number of competitions. She participated in two anthologies of short stories and one poetry, wrote and illustrated three fairy tales. Her first historical novel was The Photograph of Rooting.

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