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Spotting Your Blind Sports e+ KA125 | Selected Participants | Gyongios, HUNGARY

ESAI EN ROI, partner of the Spotting your Blind Spots YOUTH WORKERS mobility is proud to announce the final group of participants. There have been viewed the announcement over 500 times. Between the readers, twelve (12) young persons have expressed interest of participation. The youth leaders' mobility will take place in Gyongios, Hungary, between 24-31 January 2022.

The coordinator is MOSTart (HU) and the partners:


  • Asociatia Support for Youth Development (RO)


  • Evropske centrum mladeze Breclav/European Youth Centre Breclav z.s. (CZ)

  • Jump in associazione cultural (I)

  • Pi Youth Association (TR)

  • Unique Projects (LV)

ESAI EN ROI Young representatives finally are:

Ellisavet Bairamoglou, is a student in the dept. of Agricultural Development, Agri-Food and Natural Resources Management in the National Kappodisstrian University of Athens. She also studies contemporary dance and already has set her professional identity, through working experiences as a secretary, a dance instructor, a decorator and an accompanying person for disabled, showing a person with strong artistic identity, eventhough academically focused, very sensitive, socially active and fellow of social work. Except Greek, she also speaks English and Spanish. She leaves in Athens, the capital of Greece.

Tsami Theano, is specialized as assistant of graphic design and has studied music theoretics, bass, piano and singing. She is very activated as a professional in the era of Arts and Society. She is leading the Memorabilia company as member of the founders, styling director and fashion model. She has participated in several music groups and has also worked as an independent singer. She has also experience as a leader in sports camps and well acknowledged in the contemporary digital identity professions, relevant to gaming, playhouse and digital labor market with relevant experience. She also has a strong artistic profile, multitalented. She speaks English and leaves in Athens, the capital of Greece.

The SPOTTING YOUR BLIND SPOTS project's summary is shared with our funs below:

6-day training program which will take place in Gyongios, Hungary.

The aim of the project is to explore unconscious bias and emotional literacy of youth

workers so that they can make more informed choices and decisions and to foster the

importance of diversity in inclusion.

Objectives of the TC:

1. Understanding emotional literacy:

Becoming more aware of EQ: Noticing what we do, Becoming more intentional: Doing

what we mean. Becoming more purposeful. Doing it for a reason

2. Understanding the Impact of Unconscious Bias: Why do we have biases? What are

the impacts of these biases? How can I identify and address these biases when they

emerge? How can I identify and address biases in others? These questions will be

explored and participants will find their answers to that. The effect of projecting our

values onto others, Recognising and mitigating unconscious bias, Learning to adapt

our behaviour in ways that will create a more productive working situation

3.Planning for change to create an inclusive culture in our environment (workplace,

schools etc.) What systems, processes and/or behaviour expectations can we put in

place to reduce the risk of unfair biased decisions occurring

4. Present a new perspective of Erasmus+ programme

Financial aspect

Travel expenses partially or entirely covered by Erasmus + (the amount depends of the

route to the venue of the training)

Participation Fee: 30 euros

Profile of participants

- motivated young people with a desire for exploring unconscious bias and their own

- young entrepreneurs who wish to be a leader

- young people who always search for something that can enhance their learning to


- participants that have a proactive attitude

- young entrepreneurs who wish to be a leader

- young people who always search for something that can enhance their learning to


- participants that have a proactive attitude

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