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EERco Training Courses for Certification of Youth Workers/ Leaders

EERco, in order to meet the expectations of its volunteers and to strengthen the quality of Volunteering programs in national and european level has started on running training courses for volunteers, educating them in topics repated to history of volunteering inside and outside country, the culture of volunteering, basic ethics and benefits of such an experience. The training includes apprendiceship in one of the annual activities of EERco or affiliated partners.

Everybody who is interested in participating to our actions, he attends an intensive, distance-learning seminar according to relevant educational material. Each volunteer shall make an apprenticeship at EERco or affiliated partners.

Certification hierarchy:

Volunteers Level I (primary)

Volunteers Level II (advanced)

Youth Workers

Youth Leaders

The training is free of cost and anybody can participate.

Results of Certified Volunteers Level I January 2019




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