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EERcomt officially member of the SKILLMAN Network

EER has got into the Skillman Network as an Area Coordinator and Regular Member joining the benefits and responsibilities that arise from such a title.

Hereby we forward you important information about this network:

"SKILLMAN Network ( is promoted by a network of leading organizations (Business leaders) in partnership with research centres, Vocational Education Training providers VET and accreditation bodies. It has designed Joint European Curricula matching the competencies and skills requirements arising from recent trends in the transport sector adopting ICT (Information Communication Technology) and open educational resources.

SKILLMAN is an open network! You can subscribe your organisation right now in order to:

  • get full access to our resources (curriculum, methodological guidance, research papers, newsletters, etc),

  • get full access to our e-learning platform and open educational resources,

  • stay tuned on every news and on our future projects,

  • propose yourself new events and projects to the other members!

Subscription is totally free! You only have to:

  • Register yourself on this website;

  • Accept our very simple membership Regulation;

  • Add your organisation to the map (you can also upload your logo, a short description, links and even embed your own video)."

For more information visit SKILLMAN Network official website at:

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