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ESC in Slovenia || OPEN CALL for interested youth



Join a long-term volunteering project, which will connect youth daily center (BLOK) and learning program for youth (PUM-O+) in the Škofja Loka area, Slovenia, by incorporating the international volunteers into their everyday work for the period between September 2024 and August2025.

For more information about the project, please read the following info letter,  and the European Solidarity Corps Portal. There is also an ad published on the European solidarity corps' Facebook and on Instagram.

To apply for the project, candidates have to send their CV & MOTIVATION LETTER to INTERNATIONAL@FAMILIJA.EU or apply through the European Solidarity Corps portal. The first candidates considered suitable for the project will be selected.  The DEADLINE for the applications is 15th JUNE 2024.

ESAI EN ROI can support as a sending organization

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