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Several ESC Opportunities in Reims & Sedan in FRANCE with a strong local ESC community!

Volunteering in France

Available Hosts: local associations connected to arts, sports, disability, health care.

Application via ESAI EN ROI organization is now available. Application is also available sending directly your motivation letter to the hosting organization at: Equipe CES

Application deadline: 10 August 2023

Place: Reims & Sedan; France

Duration: 9-12 months

TIme period: Sep -June/Aug 2023

No of Volunteers: 3 volunteers

Projects: 2 available

Sending NGO availability (GR): ESAI EN ROI

ESC Coordinator:

Raphaël PEREZ & Olivia GRASSET

Equipe CES – Corps Européen de Solidarité

ESC Team – European Solidarity Corps Tél. : (+33) 3 26 79 84 79

Port. : (+33) 7 49 72 93 25

Project #01

A Volunteer in a

Vocational High School - Lycée des métiers de Bazeilles

Linguistic and intercultural activities (English and German) with pupils (16-20 years) – The volunteer has to be German-speaking.

From September 1st, 2023 to May 2024 (9 months)

Location : Sedan/Bazeilles, France

Here is the Infopack

Project #02

2 volunteers for

Leisure activities with disabled adults - Maison d'accueil spécialisée Marc Toussaint (Reims - Cormontreuil)

Animation activities and events for disabled adults – The volunteer have to be motivated to work with disabled people.

From September 1st, 2023 to August 2024 (12 months)

Reims/Cormontreuil, France

Here is the infopack

Some info about the cities of REIMS & SEDAN as referred in Wikipedia:

Reims (/riːmz/ REEMZ, US also /ræ̃s/,[4] French: [ʁɛ̃s] (listen); also spelled Rheims in English) is the most populous city in the French department of Marne, and the 12th most populous city in France. The city lies 129 km (80 mi) northeast of Paris on the Vesle river, a tributary of the Aisne.

Founded by the Gauls, Reims became a major city in the Roman Empire.[5] Reims later played a prominent ceremonial role in French monarchical history as the traditional site of the coronation of the kings of France. The royal anointing was performed at the Cathedral of Reims, which housed the Holy Ampulla of chrism allegedly brought by a white dove at the baptism of Frankish king Clovis I in 496. For this reason, Reims is often referred to in French as la cité des sacres ("the Coronation City").

Reims is recognized for the diversity of its heritage, ranging from Romanesque to Art-déco. Reims Cathedral, the adjacent Palace of Tau, and the Abbey of Saint-Remi were listed together as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991 because of their outstanding Romanesque and Gothic architecture and their historical importance to the French monarchy.[6] Reims also lies on the northern edge of the Champagne wine region and is linked to its production and export.

Sedan (French pronunciation: [sədɑ̃] (listen)) is a commune in the Ardennes department and Grand Est region of north-eastern France. It is also the chef-lieu (administrative centre) of the arrondissement of the same name. The town is situated about 200 km from Paris, 85 km north-east of Reims, and 10 km south of the border with Belgium. The historic centre occupies a peninsula formed by a bend in the river Meuse. Sedan station has rail connections to Charleville-Mézières, Reims and Longwy. The A34 autoroute links Sedan with Charleville-Mézières and Reims.

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