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Invitation for Contribution in RALLOU MANOU footprint worldwide

ESAI EN ROI invites you to comment or contribute by adding information in our padlet about RALLOU MANOU footprint worldwide!

What exactly shall you do?

Just follow the link:

and add a street, a statue, a park with the name of the artist RALLOU MANOU & ELLINIKO CHORODRAMA that has not already been added, or even, add an event that took place to your area, in a specific opera house.

Please, be careful, to add your contribution to the correct section, according to the content (street, statue, house, cafe bar, park, village, etc).

The specific action is a part of a year tribute that we make to the artist, with starting day: 16-12-2023 and ending date: 15-06-2024, in the framework of MOUSES NOVELTIES activities.

What is MOUSES NOVELTIES project about?

Since 2004 we organize and implement special tributes to great Greek artists that have offered, except of their artistic stigma, a social impact also, of a great importance for the local, regional, national or even international community.

Thus, if an artist has contributed for the development of his art, as a pioneer, or activist or even, politician, we dedicate a set of activities (seminars, trainings, special tribute, etc) to this person, informing the public, but also the school community of Greece.

Rallou Manou was the person that we focused during this year concerning the ART OF DANCE, occasionally, because of the 35 years that have passed from her death (15-10-1988).

We will be more than grateful if you will contribute to this project by your free will for enhancing the success of our project.

In behalf of the EER artistic community

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