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Nomination of Kleio Award in Stergios Zygouras

ESAI EN ROI has cancelled the awards nomination of 2021 because of the COVID19 pandemic and subsequent limitations of live events. The awards that have been postponed for 2022 are:

  • Terpsichore Award

  • Melthaleia Award

  • Eyterpe Award

  • Polymnis Kalliepousa Award

Eventhough there is going to be held only one nomination, concerning the Art of Literature and the impact of the content for history, research or innovation.

Under this framework, 2021 KLEIO award is nominated to Stergios Zygouras for his major contribution to Greek Revolution of 1821 by his analytical approach and new data add-ons. The activity will be held on Sunday, 19 December 2021 as a hybrid event, open to all, available online as live-streaming at #esaienroi Facebook Community.

This event is appropriate to be attended from teenagers and is regularly under the aegis of Ministry of Interior (Sector of Macedonia-Thrace).

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