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Open Invitation to Join an International Network for the Support of Labor Rights of the Altenrative Therapists Profession

Health professionals involved in alternative medicine, alternative therapies and alternative interventional prescriptions are invited in a network that will serve our common goals as for instance, for:

- exchanging good practices

-pursuing knowledge alliance

-supporting their labor rights

-upgrading/ updating/ developing their specialization

-awakening the new generation and protecting it from unspecified and hidden dangers that threaten the relapse of our health.

The network will be based upon legal entities' synergies or independent certified health care professionals. For expressing your intention of interest, submit here and we will get in contact with you as soon as possible. An OPEN MEETING is going to follow during this summer, for defining our basic internal regulations as well as start up the actions and activities of this Network.

Participants may be institutions or private professionals. The agencies will form the core of this consortium, while natural persons will be the main recipients of the actions and activities of the Network. The actions will be coordinated by the representatives of the agencies involved.

Our meeting is planned before the end of the summer and will be remotely, via ZOOM, in the afternoon, on Sunday, between 11:30-13:00.

Stay tuned for more news from our newborn network!

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