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Our last volunteer in KAIZEN YOUTH for HEALTH project!

Pauline just arrived!

Pauline Larue is the last, out of the five (5) volunteers that experienced several challenges for supporting ESAI EN ROI and the local community in the benefit of people of less opportunities, mainly with disabilities and implementation of activities that promote quality of life...

Pauline is a very active person, a native traveller....

"I have always loved to travel, to discover new cultures and new people. I am a very motivated person, always active, I like to get involved in different projects (manual, artistic, sports...). Volunteering is exactly what I am looking for, because I really want to learn new things and at the same time help others. "

Pauline is a graduate of Brevet des collèges, mention Assez Bien (Georges Martelot college in Orbey) 2014/2015; anticipated French baccalaureate test and supervised personal work test (Camille Sée high school in Colmar) 2016/17; final year of high school, specializing in mathematics, at the Camille Sée high school in Colmar. Obtained the BAC S with honors 2017/18; since 2018 student in '4th year at the Engineering School ENSGSI of Nancy.

Her main hobbies and interests are Art (drawing, painting, photography); Sports (Athletics at the NAC club in Nancy, fitness, cycling); Travels (already travelled within and out of Europe!)

She speaks German and English well and has a good knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

She has taken advantage of several internships for travelling abroad within erasmus+ framework and has also worked in her sector, gaining important experience before graduating.

In general, Pauline seems a very active person that seems to fit perfectly to our expectations!

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