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Pop Up Arts BALKAN | Succesful Project Completion

Pop Up Arts Balkan (PUAB) is an intitiative of 4 Balkan Countries that through self-funding sources have contributed to the implementation of the project.

The project took place in Central and South Macedonia Region (Olympus, Thessaloniki & Thasos) between 25-29 of October, 2019.

The PUAB Project 2019 reffered to

- a study visit of a national festival (7th Festival of Inclusive Culture) which promoted customs and traditions of different cities and the cooperation of citizens with different qualification standards because of different physical and mental potentials

- sharing experiences of different cultures within the group of partner-countries

- supporting local festival activities through participation with folk dances

-sharing opinions and experiences from familiar events

-leader meeting for future cooperation and PUAB project development

More articles reffering to the current event can be found in

The added value of the project mainly concerned future cooperation prospects between Balkan countries.

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