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Selection Results for Participation to the TC "Unleash your Creativity (Gyor, Hungary)

EERco Department of European Projects has concluded to the list of the participants of the Training Course "Unleash your Creativity (Gyor, Hungary); attenders will be representatives of several NGOs originated to Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Nederlands, Romania, Hungary and Greece. The trainers are from UK and Hungary. The EERco representatives shall be:

- Domna Konstantinidou, Certified EERco Volunteer (Level I & II, Advanced).

- Thomai Meladini, EERco Officer

The aim of the project is to explore the creative capacities of youth organizations and of their youth workers so that they seek for drive in innovation and enhance their entrepreneurial leadership skills.

Objectives of the TC:

• to help participants to rediscover their creative confidence - „belief in your creative capacity lies at the heart of innovation”

• to nurture and strengthen the participants’ creative confidence to reach big and bold innovations

• to reflect on creative energy is one of our most precious resources

• to explore how creativity and innovation are interlinked

• to understand the importance of the creative climate of a youth organization

• to explore why an organization should promote creativity in their youth work

• to realize that creativity and solidarity can be excellent complements and together they can foster the innovative sense of the members of an organization

• to present a new perspective of Erasmus+ programme

After the training course completion there shall be organized aMultiplier Event during May, in Thessaloniki. A relevant announcement shall be published to Magazine and to our official GR ( and EN ( websites.

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