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A unique opportunity to practice your leadership skills: Somogyvámos, Hungary

Joyful Leadership 6.0

Training course, 26-04 Dec. 2023

Somogyvámos, Hungary

Please find the following materials: - Updated Call for Participants Applicants fill in thecontact form of the updated call and also fill in the form of ESAI EN ROI preregistration.

NEW Deadline: 14 October 2023 exceptionally for GREECE


Joyful Leadership 6.0

Training course, 26-04 Dec. 2023 Somogyvámos, Hung

Hosting organsation : O.A.ZA. – Sustainable Alternative to Community Funded by:

Joyful Leadership – context, concept

In the modern world, organisations need leaders and a developed leadership culture according to their mission and the needs of all members. A leader motivates and inspires people and builds a team that is efficient at achieving a common vision. When organisations can't achieve their mission and vision, they remain without a fundamental function - they can't contribute to the development of the community and won't have a long- term impact on society. This is particularly important in the case of youth workers in NGOs because they need strong motivation and continuous support to carry on with their work efficiently.

In response to the need for quality leadership education, Oaza's international team of experts developed the concept of Joyful Leadership. They poured decades of experience and knowledge into creating this holistic concept, wanting to empower new generations of role- model leaders.

Sounds relevant? If you are interested in becoming a Joyful Leader, the following free educational tools have been developed:

Joyful Leadership is not your ordinary training course – it's much more! In order to get the most from this experience, you should read the manual first to gain general knowledge of Joyful Leadership, then proceed to the online course where you'll learn more about specific leadership concepts, and then complete the application for this live training course.

Aims of the training course

  • To increase the participants capacity and professional skills in the field of leadership so they can become better leaders in their organisations

  • To promote the concept of Joyful Leadership, the training cycle (manual, online course, training course), and its benefits for youth workers

You will have the chance to get to know the Joyful Leadership trainers in person, meet other motivated young leaders and exchange experiences with them, and participate in interactive, engaging and challenging activities.

Whom are we looking for?

  • people in leading positions (or aspiring to take leading positions) in their organisations

  • people committed to participating in the whole training cycle (manual, online course, training course, follow-up activities)

  • youth workers committed to their job

  • people wanting to learn new tools and non-formal education methods

  • people who are over 18 and with good communication skills in English

Selection criteria

Compulsory (you will not be selected unless you fulfill all of the below):

  • At least average knowledge of spoken and written English

  • Read the manual

  • Finished the Joyful Leadership online course

  • Filled in PART 1 OF THE APPLICATION FORM: contact info, motivation statement, English level self-assessment (link will be available at the end of the online course)

Optional (give you additional selection points)

  • Filled in PART 2 OF THE APPLICATION FORM: knowledge quiz (based on the manual and online course) - to be found

  • Recommendation from your sending organisation: this will be communicated directly with your sending organisation


The project will take place from 26th November to 4th December 2023 (including travel days) at The Radhé Resort in Somogyvámos, Hungary. You are expected to arrive in Somogyvámos on 26th November by the evening and leave on 4th in the morning. Travel is also allowed up to three days before or after the dates of the project but in this case, you have to cover your accommodation yourself.

The project is funded by the Erasmus+ programme and is free of charge. The hosting organisation will provide accommodation, food, working materials, and you will also receive travel cost reimbursement. Please, see below the maximum amounts we can reimburse for participants traveling from a certain country:

Slovakia180 EUR per participantBulgaria, France, Greece, Italy, Poland275 EUR per participant Portugal 360 EUR per participant

In order to receive the travel cost reimbursement, you will have to:

  • Provide ALL ORIGINAL tickets, boarding passes etc. (for example, if you lose a boarding pass, we won’t be able to reimburse you)

  • Fill in the Participant Report at the end of the project

  • Perform a dissemination activity during which you will share the results of the project in your local community (it can be done with other participants from your country) – it will be discussed in more details with the selected participants

Organisations included:

  • TBC

Check out the video from one of our previous Joyful Leadership training course here: and here:

Find a 1-min intro to the online course here:

How to apply?

  1. Fill in the contact form (1min) – you will gain access to the manual and the online course. Go through them at your own pace.

  2. After you’ve reached the end of the online course, you will find a link to the APPLICATION FORM (You will find the application at the end of the Joyful Leadership Online course under the Bonus section). Please keep in mind that your application will be considered only after you fill in the first part of the application form.

* To give you more time to complete the online course and finish reading the manual, you don’t have to have everything done before the application deadline. You can still complete up to 20% of the online course after you’re selected. However, the more you do before the deadline, the easier it will be for you to answer the questions in the quiz 😊

We will let you know about the selection results by the end of August . Do not book any tickets before you receive the confirmation of participation.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Project Manager, Hanna Pishchyk at or the partner organization from your country.

If you are enthusiastic and willing to grow and learn joyfully, this is the Training for you! Good luck, enjoy the manual/online course and hopefully see you soon!

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