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Teardrops in our eyes. Greece is crying...

What is to be human?

A mortal being with spiritual immortality.

Everyday is the last of the day before the death, and the first after the rebirth, our breath. Are you breathing? Enjoy the oxygen.

Even if according to Sofoklis happy are those whose lifes have not tasted calamity, remember that

(1) we are unhappy if we cannot bear our unhappiness (Vias Priinefs)

(2) Don't be proud when you are happy. If you're unhappy, don't spoil yourself (Kleovoulos, Rodios)

For all those that are still breathing fresh air...,

do never offend the unfortunate (Chilon, Lakedemonios)

What are we doing?

Respect, Love, Gratefulness.

That is the key to balance and succeed. Vision the future even if the present gives pain.

This is life. Go forward.

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