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Terpsichore Award | December 2020 - January 2021

EERcomt has overcomed all the difficulties and proudly implemented a new formula of the 2020 e-tribute to t great pioneer of dance art in Greece, Koula PRATSIKA.

This year, when the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games were postponed, we honor the first high priest in the history of touching the Olympic flame ... (1936 Olympic Games). 90 years of operation of the School of Dance, Gymnastics and Rhythm, which in 1973 was transformed into the State School of Orchestral Art. TWENTY years since the establishment of the DANCE COMPANY of the National School of Dance Professionals (2000, on the initiative of Pavlina Veremi) ... and the story goes on ...

The TERPSICHORE Award is an initiative of the Cultural Organization of Macedonia-Thrace (former Cultural Organization of Thessaloniki) that started in 2004 regarding the very limited recordings of historical data and data in the field of Art in Greece ( -1997). TERPSICHORI PRIZE ARCHIVE:

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