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Thank you Letter - MOUSES Novelties Dec 2023

ESAI EN ROI Cultural Organization of Macedonia Thrace expresses greatfullness to all those that majorly contributed to the success of December 2023 Mouses Novelties activities and specifically the:

ESAI EN ROI staff:

✓ Katerina Kotridou: coordinator of the TERPSICHORI award + young artists night

✓ Eleni Kavazidou: coordinator of the POLYMNIS KALLIEPOUSA award + young artists night

✓ Yiannis Fragoulis: coordinator of the MELTHALEIA award + young artists night

✓ Kaletsari Alexandra: coordinator of the EFTERPI award + young artists night

✓ Athina Doulia & Martha Iordanidou: coordinators of the KLEIO award + young artists night

✓ Meladini Thomai: Reception Manager and Supervisor of Exhibits

✓ Makavos Georgios: Health Coverage Team Coordinator

for the aegis

  • Ministry of the Interior (Sector of Macedonia Thrace) | Region of Crete

  • in cooperation

  • Deputy Mayor of Culture, Municipality of Thessaloniki | B Community of the Municipality of Thessaloniki


PROTEKTA of the Municipality of Pavlos Melas & Evosmos | KDAP Platon Xanthi | Institute of Nutritional Studies and Research


GAVALA Art Foundry, Hellenic Association MARIA KALLAS, Higher School of Dramatic Art G. Rontidi, RO Theater, Music School of Thessaloniki, Art School Ampelokipon (Thessaloniki), Black Swan School of Dance (Alexandria Imathia), KDAP Platon XANTHIS (Xanthi) | Konstantinion Research Center for Molecular Medicine and Biotechnology | Youth Council Alliances | GROMA reconstructions |

Media Sponsors

ERT3 | radio 95.8 | | film& |

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