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The Park of the Signs || Deus sive Natura school program || special event

On Sunday, 18 February 2024 and before 13:00 there has beenr eached the ending point of the treasure hunt we have organized with participants the local schools and wider community of the neighborhood Karatasiou... The event has been oragnized by 4 schools, the local public community and the support of ESAI EN ROI, PROTEKTA and PAVLOS MELAS Municipality.

That day has been confirmed that Karatasiou is named indeed, as Emela Fazlic (ESC volunteer) stated in 2020 December, from the Macedonian fighter for the liberty of the region from the Ottoman Empire.

We renewed promises of peaceful leaving and unification among neighbours, wishing the x-military start being a training center of peace and education...

A military of peace, happiness and prosperity.

The Park of the Signs, the eco-house of good promises...

We are really grateful to all the sponsors, all of which, were businesses located in LEOFOROS STRATOU street. Hereby is the list of our favorite sponsors:

treats for our buffet during the awards ceremony (13:00-13:30) by

1. VAGIA - Tasty Creations

2. PES ALEVRI bakery

3. Confectioneries AP'TIN POLI

Snacks and Drinkfs from:

Sclavenitis Super Markers (waters, crackers, juices, individual cakes) (mega-SPONSOR]

Products from:

ROZOS company: 1 X professional tape measure

Kontesidis company: 1-2 x oven cleaning products

PetStep company: 10 X packs of dog treats

GROMA Reconstructions: 1 X tablet

ELLHNIKON (greek gyros): 4 X vouchers for a round

Bonjour bakery: 2 X vouchers for an individual dessert

Coffee Island Bar: 4 X coffee vouchers

State Coffee Bar: 1 X 10 euro gift voucher

Bonjour Bakery: 2 X vouchers for a free individual dessert

Sofia's Bougatsa: 4 X vouchers for Bougatsa





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