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Trendy ALF news - ESAI EN ROI is getting funded for activities DHIAsymp2024 relevant from ANNA LINDH Foundation!

We are delighted to announce the succesful ending point fo the applications results regarding ALF IN MOTION 5th edition; intercultural dialogue in the field of education by hosting (Mobility for Action: For entities participating in face-to-face intercultural dialogue events like workshops, debates, trainings, intercultural performances, etc. and are interested in enriching these events by inviting external parties from different organisations around the Mediterranean.)

Mostafa Badr, TAMKEEN organization cofounder
Mostafa Badr, TAMKEEN organization cofounder

Our guest will be Moustafa Badr, a co-founder and assistant to manager at TAMKEEN foundation for sustainable development.

He is a specialist in social inclusion and have been working in this field for the past 5 years. He has a proven track record of success in developing and implementing social inclusion programs. 

According to his personal opinion, our cooperation with Mr Badr and his network of fellows and partners can be of great value to your organization and help us achieve our goals.

In addition to his experience in social inclusion, he is also skilled in marketing, project management, and event planning and he is confident that can help us to successfully organize and promote your conference in Sparta.

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