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We are the Challengers: EURATHON

Esai en Roi participates as a Leading Organization to the events of Eurathon, a part of the WE

ARE THE CHALLENGERS project with participants the 30th Gymnasium of Thessaloniki, the 4th Thessaloniki's Primary School of Disabled, the TaekWonDo AmEA Hellas Organization and EER youth community. We are honored to inform the public, that the first challenge from the Greek group of partners comes from the 33th Thessaloniki's Gymnasium (Secondary Education) with Director Mr. Diamantidis Vaios & Teacher of Physical Education, Mrs. Morfi Polixeni. The Assistant Project Manager is Emilio Vazquez, who will also organize by his will (extra task) an activity for the project in the near future.

Activity plan for international teams


Activity's name: EURATHON

The overall aim is to support the young participants in cooperating, exchanging, sharing ideas with peer ages from 4 partner countries on the topic of sport and disability.

Participants will work in 6 international teams to design and to perform some original sport challenges on the topic of disability.

The final outcome from each team will be an original video (a collection of video of the pax performance doing the original challenges). Each team will colect the video od the challenges perfomed by its own members and use the video to create a social communication campaigns & fundraising campaign on a selected issue related to disability.


1. To allow to the young people to have fun together and to interactt;

2. to support the teen agers to take responsibility (work for the charity cause about disability);

3. To allow to the young people to experience work in international teams.



Students from the following participating countries:


6 international teams will be created, made up of representatives of students from each of the countries involved.

In these teams, the students will have to design and realize some sport challenges to be used to realize a video 4 social communication campaign aimed to raise awareness on a key issue about disability.

Each one of the 6 international teams will select the preferred topic to work on, based on a list of 6 relevant key issues (it will be possible for the teams to propose a different issue to work on , in the frame of the overall topic of disability).

Donation /charity

Each international team will select the association to which to donate the funds collected (association on the topic selected by the team).

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