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YACeco Project first Outprints:ART house challenges in Karatasou Park. DO YOU ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE?

Digital ART-HOUSE challenges for Youth in Europe and wider Esai en Roi is proudly announcing the first European Community Activity of YACeco Project. Youth that is interested to participate from abroad can contribute through proposing ideas for developing the park with an artistic manner. Period: 05th of April 2021 to 05th of June 2021. Description: youth between 15-25 can participate as individudals, in pairs or in groups. After submiting the form below, they will receive a response confirming submition. After submition confirmation their time starts on counting. Until 5th of June they can work hard as to apply an essay analyzing ideas about how to develop the park. All the essays will be announced to the website https:/ of the YACeco Project (supported by ESC11 volunteers from Bosnia; partners: SVITAC & ESAI EN ROI). The essay shall have the following parts: 1. Introduction [conceptualization of the idea, the vision about ways to develop the KARATASOU PARK] 2. The Team [some information about the team that is working on the project and influences that they have; supervisors, tutors and youth workers are permitted also to participate as facilitators of the process] 3. Main Purpose [simplified version of the introduction where is clearly presented as shortly as possible the purpose and sub-aims of the concept in benefit of ecology, culture or quality of life] 4. Methodological Plan [necessary materials and equipment, necessary staff and experts; analysis of project's milestones; timetable of the milestones. As more easy it will be to detected by youth without expertise as more signigicant the value of the proposal]. 5. Expected Outcomes [description of expected outputs, outcomes, products] 6. Follow Up [ideas of how to be utilized, the next day of the project and your personal availability or contribution if the project will be applied by the local citizens] LOCAL YOUTH ADDED VALUE: Local Youth can be activated digitally and physically as well. Details about the competition for local youth with physical activities are written on the flyer below. Rewards & Awards: - All the ideas will be announced to the official website of Karatasou Park. - Participants will be candidates to receive (i) badges of achievement; (ii) distinction; depending the quality of their output (iii) award; depending the quality of their output. A voting will follow about the best idea, as to be applied by local associations and youth communities of the region. All the young persons of Greece and Europe that will participate will have the opportunity to gain a position in the circle of Young Leaders of the Youth Council Alliances Project. Submition Form: Updates about KARATASOU PARK (maps, photos, activities as an input for the participants) are available at which will be updated regularly with new insights about the park and its current status and its history.

All the ideas will be announced to the official website of Karatasou Park. All the participants will receive badges of achievement; distinction; reward; depending the quality of their output. Submission Form: Submition form available at

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