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Yiannis Markantonakis, the prominent sculptor who edited the sculpture / baton of the Inclusive Culture Festival, has passed away

DHIAfest baton - Yiannis Markantonakis
DHIAfest baton - Yiannis Markantonakis

It is with great sadness that we learned today of the loss of a very important partner and a particularly charismatic artist, with great achievements in his city and beyond.

G. Markantonakis was an important mentor of our organization's partners. With a special character, insightful spirit and inexhaustible inventive creativity, he dramatically influenced our association, exerting an influence on our work.

In particular, he contributed and significantly influenced all of us who work for the event

- The Inclusive Culture Festival. The festival is made up of various bodies, including our own body. In honor and for the sake of this joint venture, he curated and artist a non-profit sculpture that notes the magical world of the deaf and sign language

- The artistic education activities of MUSES NOVELTIES. G. Markantonakis contributed significantly to the improvement of the quality of our tributes by being a member of our relevant Advisory Committee as a specialist expert in matters related to the visual arts

-- Providing critical and advisory guidance to our ARTISTIC EVENTS & PERFORMANCES (dance theater group), being a springboard for spiritual alertness and artistic upgrading

We wish his family courage and strength to cope with this important and great loss. We say goodbye to him with love and respect for his work and struggle in the city of #Chania, which he loved so much that he was deprived of any invitation/temptation for professional advancement... He stayed in his city to wake it up, but obviously also to satiate it... But can anyone get enough of Heaven?

He stayed home close to his family, and that honors him even more. We were favored. We were lucky enough to see through his eyes a rare perspective of reality.

His relatives for us will have an honorable place among us and it will be our pleasure to have any synergy with this amazing artistic family.

On behalf of the Board of Directors


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