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16.11.2018 MACs AUTUMN Upcoming Event in Alexandreia

The Public Benefit Society of the Municipality of Alexandria in collaboration with the Cultural Organization of Macedonia of Thrace organizes an artistic tribute to the children of the KDAP MEA of the Municipality of Alexandria with free admission for all. The action is part of the European Voluntary Service, Erasmus +, Pr. Maximize Arts and Creativity Skills AUTUMN 2018. November 16, 2018 18: 00-20: 00 Place: EEEC of Alexandria A Tribute to the Children of KDAP of the Municipality of Alexandria Place: EEEC of Alexandria Address: 18:00 Welcoming

18:15 Buffet with local traditional dishes from Alexandria, Moscow and Kazan Farewell party for Alina and Oleias, volunteers at KDAP MEA, within the framework of the European Voluntary Service (Erasmus + Pr. Maximize Arts and Creativity Skills AUTUMN) 18:40 Music Tribute -Alina and Oleia play piano and guitar & sing for the children of OPEN. Sophia Lambropoulou, student of Lyceum II, resident of Alexandria, accompanies her own dance performances and choreographies, the songs composed by Alina and Oleias during their stay in Alexandria and are dedicated to the cultural treasure of Macedonia. -Traditional Songs and Dances from Russia

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