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Youth Mobility in NORTH ITALY > Verbania Piemonte: SPORT Actions 4 inclusion

Updated: May 22, 2022

Youth Mobility in Italy

Dates: 25 June to 3 July 2022 (+2 travel days)

Participants: 13-25 years old

Youth Leader: one person; whatever the age

Location: Omegna, Verbania.


The main aims of the youth exchange are:

The project will use non formal education method to reach the aims.

- thematic workshops about sport

- creative work - meetings

- brainstorming

- team works

- round tables and debates.

- guided visit to our natural beauties

About the project topic:

The project will be held in Omegna (Italy) and will be aimed to address the issue of Inclusion through

Sports. 36 young people and leaders fromΓGREECE, Italy, France, Spain and Lithuania will spend together 9 days to

experience different sports.

The project will use sport not only as just a physical activity but as a tool which can help young people to practice healthy lifestyles and, above all, to teach valuable life skills and help with an individual's personal empowerment process. The project will give priority to the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities, with special regard to people with cultural and learning difficulties (especially Neets). Based on playing, experiencing and discussing together, the project will foster a culture of tolerance among young people with fewer opportunities by making them learn, work and communicate together in an international

context. The project will also be aimed to connecting sports to stress management and equal opportunities issues via different techniques, such as relaxation, meditation. By mean of the final event we want to raise awareness of the benefits of sports as a means of inclusion among young people with fewer opportunities.

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