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Creative Youth Workers' Network for Inclusion: Brasov, ROMANIA - Selected participants

Selection Results

We are proud to announce the participation of two Senior Youth Workers, that will participate in a much promising two-scale Youth Workers Network for Inclusion, focusing on youth work that promotes creative thinking.

Fashion Activist; Street Worker
Andreas Stylianou

Our participants are experts in cinematography and documentary movies, being also active as journalists.

Andreas Stylianou, Fashion Activist; Street Worker

Andreas Stylianou is a Fashion Activist, and an active street worker for over 10 years. He is a co-founder of Dostou chance. An eco-conscious brand that offers a variety of clothes based on conscious design and Ethical trade. DostouChance Environmental project is based on the practice of RE-USE, which is an action that extends the life of a product and keeps it off the waste system ,eliminating polluting and promoting a circular economy. His motivation in the current Youth Workers' training course is to improve himself and become a better youth worker. He works on a “One to One” with vulnerable young people mainly between the ages 15-35, teaching them to respect others, the environment and also trying to encourage and create a better environment around them. He engages with them in hope of making them aware of other points of view and make them more positive about life. He wants to take action for a better world, bring change and promote cooperation to each society. All that with respect to every individual civilization.

Film Critic & Reviewer; Journalist
Yiannis Fragkoulis

Yiannis Fragkoulis, Film Critic – Journalist, Artistic Director of ESAI EN ROI; ESAI EN ROI Senior Youth Worker, ESAI EN ROI Artistic Director

Yiannis Fragoulis was born in Athens in 1960. He studied chemistry in Canada and France. In 1989 he studied photography at AKTO and attended several semiotics seminars. In 2009 he completed his Master in Arts at Middlesex University. In 1989 he started writing articles and in 1990 he started writing film reviews. In 1992 he became a member of the Panhellenic Union of Film Critics and FIPRESCI. In 2000 he started teaching in film seminars. Today he teaches cinematography at the Fabula Film Workshop. He participated in Film judging panels, in Greece and abroad. He is a scientific advisor to the Almakalma Laboratory, which researches the Unified Performance Space. His texts have been published in newspapers and magazines, as well as in the Almanac of P.E.K.K. He founded the magazine "anti-Cinema", in 1992, the magazine "Cinema and Communication", in 2000. He edited and co-presented the show "Cineplano", on 902TV. He now writes for He has translated Jean Mitry's book, "Rhythm and music in the cinema", he has written the books "Comedy in the old Greek cinema", published by Eleusis, in 2006, "What is cinema?", published by the Cultural Center Meleton (young library series), "Kostas Ferris", published by the Society of Greek Directors. He has organized various events in Greece. He is the founder of the Solaris Film Club and directs the Fabula Narrative Workshop, which investigates the Unified Performance Space.

Yiannis & Stratos and will lead a 5 month project with young artists of 15-30 years old, that will end with a trip in Romania.

Esai en Roi YOUTH WORK newcomers will be selected by Yiannis and Stratos ... they will have the opportunity to deliver our PROJECT results again... in Brasov in October 2024 ...!

The specific course, with code number 2023-3-RO01-KA153-YOU-000184219. The TC will take place in Brasov, Romania, between 14-19.05.2024.

Aims of the training course

Our goal is to promote collaboration and creativity among 20 experienced youth workers from the partner organisation who are passionate about making a difference in their communities. The Seminar will address the common challenges faced by youth workers and create opportunities for collaboration in the youth field. The participants will develop strategies to create supportive environments for the youth they work with, exchange best practices, experiences, learn and test creative, innovative methods.

Participants will develop a youth-work network to inspire and empower each other to find creative solutions to the challenges of working with vulnerable young people. By sharing knowledge and resources, participants will be better equipped to develop sustainable local and international projects that meet the needs of our communities.

Additionally, the Seminar will explore the process of obtaining Erasmus accreditation, which opens doors to implementing international projects and facilitates the continuous professional development of youth workers and young people alike.

Main objective of the Seminar:Creation and consolidation of an international network, based on non-formal, creative methods and a common strategy in the 10 partner NGOs, to serve as support and inspiration for youth workers to develop local, national and international projects in a sustainable way, using more creative and innovative methods.

The results of the Seminar aim at 2 aspects:1. Creating a common strategy (name, visions, objectives, common values) for the international network we are developing together with the partners in this project.2. Testing and choosing creative and effective methods on which our network will be based in working with young people aged 13-30 from vulnerable communities.

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