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New placements available for the ESC projects of Diakonia

Volunteering in Czech Republic

Available Host: local association DIAKONIA connected to arts, sports, disability, health care.

Application via ESAI EN ROI organization is now available. Application is also available sending directly your motivation letter to the hosting organization at: DIAKONIA

Application deadline: 10 August 2023

Place: Vsetin, Czech Republic

Duration: 10-12 months

TIme period: Sep -June/Aug 2023

No of Volunteers: 2 volunteers

Sending NGO availability (GR): ESAI EN ROI

ESC Coordinator: DIAKONIA

Project Summary

Young men and women aged 18-30 who are interested in volunteering abroad with full board accommodation as well as air tickets reimburshment we offer one year philanthropic activization in the city of Vsetin, Czech Republic under the supervision of DIAKONIA, Czech Republic) and if finally interested contact us at +302314042342 and register through

ESAI EN ROI or directly, by vontacting with DIAKONIA

Available documents:

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