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Selected Participants for the Youth Workers' Training TRAVEL AROUND MIND & SOUL 22-29.01.2023

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Selected Participants for the Training Course:

Travel around our mind and soul – Get deeper in our emotional intelligence for creating a diverse and inclusive youth work January 2023 Gyöngyös, Hungary

We are very proud to announce the final selected participants out of 42 candidates that expressed an interest applying the relevant application for the TC that MOSTart Association organized focusing in emotional intelligence skills development. The selection criteria were age-, background- and motivation- relevant. Within the process were included an interview and a motivation letter. Even if in the begging there has opened a call just for 2 persons, within the preparation period, there has surprisingly and honorably arisen a proposition to add one more candidate. During the preparation they have been asked to attend a 2-stage training course about youth workers and volunteering. After the mobility they will be added to our registered trainers as Youth Workers expecting from them multiply their new acquired knowledge, planning also to give them several job opportunities to practice their new skills in the near future.

The group of our exceptional youth is the following:

Voulgaroglou Angeliki, is a honored graduate of the Psychology Department of the Philosophy Faculty in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with a thesis entitled as: “Changes in Social Participation during COVID-19 pandemic and Emotional Consequences”. She also participates in two academical research projects concerning (1) eating disorders and obesity (a systematic review) and (2) quality of life and body image of patients with chronic diseases. She speaks English fluently and is specialized in ICT research tools (e.g. statistical analysis programs and professional project presentations). She has applied her internship in Papageeorgiou General Hospital and continues as a research fellow and health professional in the same hospital in the framework of a volunteering practical experience. She has already participated in several youth mobilities and training courses, being experienced and ready to "go to the next level...". She leaves in Thessaloniki (North Greece).

Papadimitriou Nicki is a graduate of Departmernt of Physical Education & Sports Science (DPESS) of Thrace University, specialized in Greek Traditional Dance. She also holds a Master Degree in Dance sector, having graduated from th same faculty (DPESS, University of Thrace. She has several special skills as a Sports Professional (trainings, seminars, etc).She speaks English fluently. Nowadays she is professionally occupied as a Pilates Instructor at the Alterlife Boutiquw Avlonas as a Kangoo Instructor and Physical Fitness Supervisor in Planet Fitness & More Chalkida finally as a Kids fitness Instructor in Altereife kids of Paiania. She has already participated in another youth mobility project as a young participant in Bushmills of North Irland entitled as Knights III: Searching for Freedom. Nicki speaks well English and leaves in Chalkida (Central Greece).

Rizou Marialena is 26 years old and has I have studied Biology and Pastry. During the last few years she has been working as a pastry chef. She speaks English and Italian and a few Spanish. She often participates in various voluntary actions and programs Erasmus+. Finally, some of her interests are traveling, painting amd sports.


The aim of the project is to explore unconscious bias and emotional literacy of youth workers so that they can make more informed choices and decisions and to foster the importance of diversity in inclusion. Through this project we would like to increase awareness of the existence of bias in many fields and its negative impact in decision making, and provide tools to address it in order to support decision making and an inclusive cultural diversity. Emotional

Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to be aware of our own emotions and the emotions of others, and using such knowledge to guide thinking and action. It is nowhere taught, it is rather acquired through our socialization (family, school, workplace), however it can be heavily improved and it must be improved to have normal social interactions among people, which is the base of any social activity and it is as much important as cognitive abilities in e.g.

predicting outstanding employee performance.

Participants will be challenged to develop the following skilss and competences:

- Understand why humans are biased and are naturally built to stereotype

- Appreciate the relationship between bias and stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination

- Able to assess the impact of bias on decision-making, behaviour and relationships

- Identify own biases and take action to compensate for them

- Understand what can be done to tackle bias at an organisational level

Dear our EER representatives, we wish you all the best, and a fruitful training process..!

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