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Jelena TODIC: A Volunteer that has got over our expectations

Jelena TODIC is the 2nd volunteer that is hosted to Thessaloniki in the frames of YACeco Project (for more check at

Jelena, a young lady with less opportunities profile, has shown a high engagement and task commitment to YACeco milestones achieving great things in advantage of our local community and local Park's development.

Jelena was very interested in being a part of the program and to do her best to make the program as well implemented as possible in the area where the project would be implemented. She has looked at the app, researched, and she could tell us that she was thrilled with what all this project brings, and she thought that she would fit into the program easily because she i ambitious, full of enthusiasm, motivated...

Jelena did perfectly fit to the project, indeed!

She described us what her desire and will was to be a part of this, but words were stingy for such a thing to describe. Jelena is a member of NGO CEREBRA from Banja Luka. This year, they had one project that was related to ecology, that is. cleaning their surroundings, parks, neighborhoods in Banja Luka and neighboring cities. She was part of a volunteer who participated in the project.

EERcomt is proud for hosting such of creative young persons, who are keeping strong whatever their life obstacles.

Hereby is the CV of JELENA

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