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Living Nature Training Course (Bulgaria) and a new member in our TEAM!

A new member in our team has just arrived! This is Anastasia Charitidou, a Youth Worker, seeking for a sending oragnization, as a participant to the training course: Living Nature, nature-based practices for personal and professional development of youth workers in 4-12 May 2022 in the School in Nature, in Gudevica village (Bulgaria).

Anastasia has been welcomed and we have much appreciated her preferences to cooperate with us. Her basic degree is in Early Childhood Education (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki). She also studied acting (Drama School-Contemporary Theater of Vasilis Diamantopoulos) and she is a candidate for a master in Exercise and Quality of Life (Democritus University of Thrace and University of Thessaly) and a specialization in Special Education.

She speaks Greek (mother tongue), English and Spanish. Between 2004-2017 she has previously worked as animator, facilitator, theater-educator and theatrical projects coordinator. During this time period she was regularly participating in several theatrical performances as a professional performer (actress).

Between 2016-2020 she worked as a self employed Event Manager and in 2020-21 she worked as Equine Yard Manager at the Skyrian Horse Breeding and Conservation Center in Skyros island.

Since 2020 she is self-employed as an education programs coordinator. She has several experiences as a volunteer, in several NGOs, she was a volunteer in the International Olympic Games of Athens 2004 and has been a European Voluntary Service Volunteer in Canarian Islands in 2012-2013 at Mojo de Caña, an awarded socio-cultural association. Anastasia makes a start up with ESAI EN ROI with instant participation to several E+ projects and has also some plans of regular participation as coordinator to several labs and training courses of 2021-22 that we are going to run in the upcoming season, 2021-2023.

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