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Media4You – the largest youth exchange funded by Erasmus + at the Romanian seaside

Media4You – the largest youth exchange funded by Erasmus + at the Romanian seaside

Media4You – the largest youth exchange funded by Erasmus + at the Romanian seaside

Earlier this month we are preparing for 6 intense days of presentations and debates to promote the responsible use of media among young people.

We are pleased to announce that 66 participants from 11 European countries got together in Constanța on Saturday, 27 October. Their mission was to improve the media literacy competences of young people and to issue a warning on the news that are invading the Internet. Thus, for one week participants from Greece, Turkey, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Italy, Serbia, North Macedonia, Lithuania, Germany, Croatia and Romania carried out indoor and outdoor activities with common objectives: to help youngsters to consume media wisely, analyze media messages, test reliability and develop critical thinking.

Teams from the 11 European countries (including Romania) prepared attractive scenarios and involved young people in international working groups. The activities were educational, entertaining and fun. Role‑playing games, images that convey messages, workshops for understanding how information is perceived by young people, but also sessions for analyzing how information is distributed in the online environment, were all appreciated by participants. One of the most attractive activities involved visiting the Old Center of Constanta. Once they arrived in the Casino area, divided into groups of 5-6 people, the youngsters were reporters for a day: they took interviews, they talked with the locals and they took photos of people and places.

The long-awaited intercultural evenings gave each team the opportunity to present their national culture, dances, costumes but also the traditional delicacies specially prepared for this occasion.

On Thursday evening, the young people celebrated Halloween together and on Friday they benefited from the presence of the professionals delegated by the Google Laboratories in Bucharest who organized a workshop dedicated to this event.

The activities took place at Dobrogea Hotel in Constanța between October 27 and November 3 and are organized by Team4Excellence within the Media4You project: The Media4You project is part of the Erasmus + program and received funding of 39,952 Euro through the Romanian National Agency for Community Programs in the Field of Education and Vocational Training.


Assoc Prof Dr Nicoleta Acomi (+40721287877), Project Manager, Team4Excellence

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