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Rethinking Youth COMPLETION Evaluation Score is on the air!

ESAI EN ROI is thrilled to announce that the REYOUTH partnership gained the final score 85/100, entitled as Rethinking Youth the Future in our Hands KA154 erasmus+ project with the code number 2021-1-EL02-KA154-YOU-000012405.

We thank all the partners and specifically,

  • Udhetim i Lire, Albania

  • Walktogether Association, Bulgaria

  • SVITAC, Bosnia Herzegovina

  • Acr Finland, Finland

  • ESAI EN ROI members and associates, Greece

  • Mostart, Hungary

  • Vedogiovanne, Italy

  • UPIT, Romania

  • SYTEV, Slovakia

  • Building Bridges, Spain

for their valuable support and companionship for going forward with success and eventually, closing the program with a positive impact for our local youth communitiy out of the spectrum of the national.

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