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Reyouth Pr.Selection Results: The 8 GR pax that initiate within youth of 9 countries in Thessaloniki

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

ESAI EN ROI, coordinator of the Rethinking Youth: The Future in our Hands Project [KA154 YOUTH initiatives] is proud to announce the final group of participants. There has been viewed the announcement over 150 times (gr & en site) and applied for participatin 42 young greeks across the country, out of which, 25 where from the city of Thessaloniki. The youth mobility will take place in Thessaloniki, GREECE, between 01-07 August 2022.

The coordinator is ESAI EN ROI (GR) and the partners:

  • Albania

  • Bosnia Heerzegovina

  • Bulgaria

  • Hungary

  • Italy

  • Romania

  • Slovakia

  • Spain

The final participants, selected for the current youth mobility are:

- MyriamHatzivasileiou (Youth Leader)

- Dimitris Markos (substitute Youth Leader; participant)

- Vasilis Hatzivasileiou (participant)

- Smaro Amaxopoulou (participant)

- Panayiotis Vavatsis (participant)

- Vasiliki Vardakosta (participant)

- Lazaros Anastadiadis (participant in specific activities)

- Dimitris Pliatsikos (participant in specific activities)

about Smaro, Young Participant, candidate Youth Worker

Smaro, 22 years of age, is a pregraduate of the Dept. of Chemistry of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She also works as a babysitter and studying assistant for children and youth. She is qualified with advanced digital skills and speaks well the English language.

about Panayiotis, Young Participant, candidate Yotuh Worker

Panayiotis, 22 years of age, is a pregraduate of the Dept. of Chemistry of Aristotle University of THessaloniki, entertainer in Ekaterini Kourtessi Cultural Activities Center and member of the non governmental organization of Chemistry Allumnis of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He speaks very good English and has advanced communication skills.

about Vasiliki, Young Participant

Vassiliki is 21 years of age and is studying in the Pedagogic Dept. of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She is a studies assistant for primary school children and has also worked as a leader in a summer camp for children and youth.

about Vasilis, Young Participant, candidate Youth Worker

My name is Hatzivasiliou Vassilis, I am 21 years old from Volos, I study in Larissa at the University of Thessaly in the Department of Digital Systems. I have a degree in electrical engineering, electronics and automation, and a technician in electronics and computer systems, installations, networks and telecommunications. I have a fairly good command of English (Cambridge Level B2) My hobbies are music production, video editing, and animation/painting with years of experience in each.

about Dimitris, Young Participant, Youth Leader substitute

My name is Dimitris and I am a nutritionist/dietitian. Currently, I am working as a nutrition educator in a Greek vocational training institute. In the past, I have worked as a tour guide at a mobile exhibition about the Archimedes era. I am passionate about watching tv series, traveling, studying history and taking photos. Also, I am a volunteer in Hellenic Red Cross in the social services and I have first aid & CPR certification from the Hellenic Rescue Team. I have participated in Erasmus project once before and I am excited for the adventures of the next one.

about Christos, Young Participant

about Lazaros, Young Participant, candidate Youth Worker

Lazaros is a 20 year old high talented young artist, working as an actor since his seven years of age, traveling around Greece, impersonating various roles with different theatrical style. He is now studying in the contemporary drama school of Vassilis Diamantopoulos. Across his professional artistic lifespan he has been several times distinguished for his talent as to still be in the business of acting, now on, also testing his skills as a young film director. The most recent achievement, concerns his distinction within the TOP 5 SOCIAL MEDIA DRAMA CREATORS 2020. He is highly skilled in acoustic guitar and has moderate knowledge of electric guitar. He is an experienced youth leader and has several times participated in erasmus+ mobilities.

about Myriam, Youth Leader, EER certified Youth Worker

Myriam, 25 years of age, is a creative social media manager. Loves photography, music festivals, and traveling. Rumor has it she has been to more than 12 countries.

She speaks 5 languages, tells good jokes when inspired, and is an empath.

She will help the greek group in better oraganizing whatever concerns communication and will play a leading role in the projects that are going to happen in the partner countries, but mainly, in Greece (August 2022, Thessaloniki).

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