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Selection of Participants for the KA1 Youth Worker Mobility "DIGI" in Horezu ROMANIA | AUG 2021

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

ESAI EN ROI supports a NGO of Thrace in regards to be accomplished the mission of Greek Youth Workers to participate in a very interesting training course entitled as Digital Revolution.

Thanks to APDD Romanian Association we have been selected as the NGO to support the greek team participation.

In favor of the Youth Council Alliances that has been established by 7 associations, the candidates "of the last minute" have been found and are members of PROTEKTA of Eleftherio Kordelio - Pavlos Melas and Thessaloniki Municipalities. The tutor and contact person of PROTEKTA, Mr. Yiorgos Makavos is in charge of the activities of West Thessaloniki's region. The main aim of PROTEKTA is to offer first aid support in several events with groups of volunteers; or train volunteers that are interested to participate in their solidarity activities.

The Youth Workers that participate to the training course DIGI are the following:

  • Olga Yianniou, special agent in forest protection and special skills in geo-mapping. She is a senior member of PROTEKTA with high skills. She speaks English.

  • Maria Papachristou, preschool teacher specialized in children with disabilities, specialized in Drama-therapy. Maria is a senior member of PROTEKTA, leading the department of disabled that are volunteering for supporting other people and offering their services (Lifeguards, Samaritans, Rescuers). She speaks English.

  • Evgenia Kovousoglou, graduate of Agronomy and has a Msc in Sustainable Agricultural Production Systems and Climate Change. She is a Research Fellow in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in the Laboratory of Beekeeping - Sericulture. She is working in her sector in several business environments and extends her studies with several training courses and life long learning opportunities. She is a senior member of PROTEKTA with advanced skills and leadership tasks. She speaks English fluently.

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