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Stereotrip+ Belgium | Selected Participants

ESAI EN ROI, partner of the Stereotrip+ Youth Mobility is proud to announce the final group of participants, even if there have been stated many obstacles because of the current situation of pandemic and relevant restrictions, that led to several postponings of preparation activities, participants' substitution over 3 times and a great uncertainty of the basic team.


In favor of the Youth Council Alliances that has been established by 7 associations, the candidates "of the last minute" have been found as to substitute the substitutes of the substitutes of the basic team (3 times the group has changed).

ESAI EN ROI Young representatives finally are:

Oikonomidou Christina, Physiotherapist, certified with first-aids adequacy and speaks English fluently. She leaves in Thessaloniki

Fotopoulos Alexandros, has studied in nutrition and technology and speaks English fluently. He leaves in Athens temporarily; his place of permanent venue is Kalamata.

Papachristou Maria is a preschool educator, specialized in children with disabilities. She is a regular member of PROTEKTA Thessalonikis (regions of Pavlou Mela, Kordelio Eleftheria Evosmos and Thessaloniki included) and is the Youth Leader of the group in behalf of ESAI EN ROI. She works and leaves in Thessaloniki.

The STEREOTRIP project's summary is shared with our funs below:

Objectives and topic of the project by the HOSTING ORGANIZATION:

Our project will be about the stereotypes and prejudice. Belgium is a small country with already few stereotypes so we would like to go in few places that covers the different regions of the country and try to see what will happens with the stereotypes … Of course the most important objective for us is to exchange, to discover the other cultures! During the project we would like to create a website that we will fill with our ideas and workshops. For this website we will need a publicity campaign that our youngsters will create. In the end of the project we would like to be able to understand the dynamics and have a critical opinion on stereotypes and prejudices.

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