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Volunteering in Stockholm (Arts & Sports)

Volunteering in Spain

Application also possible via ESAI EN ROI organization

Duration: 12 months

Summary / Dromstodt NGO (invitation)

"This is an ESC volunteering project aiming to promote mobility and cross-border

volunteering activities for 2 young people between 18-30 years. The project will be with

the Drömstort (Dream Big) organisation, which works with youth between the ages of 15-30

years. The application deadline is 15/6/2023 and the project will begin on 1/9/2023. Our

head offices are located in one of the suburbs of Stockholm called Rågsved which is 20mins

by metro from the city centre and that is where the activity will take place."

The Activities

The volunteer will primarily be involved in the activities organised by the organisation. These activities range from Sports and cultural activities to workshops and social events. The activities will include football, basketball, volleyball, dancing, singing and music

production, podcasts and making videos depending on their interest. They can be involved in the planning, managing or organising and marketing of the activities. They will be part of the team that manages our social media pages and also do some small administrative work

for the organisation.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us at +30 2314 042 342

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