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WATCH Project - Selection Results (KA1 Youth Mobility) || Crodo, North Italy

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Youth Mobility KA1 - Erasmus+

We are the challengers

Dates: 15-23 August 2021

Venue: (to be defined) Piedmont region - Italy

Esai en Roi, after receiving 23 applications, out of which 5 applied by vulnerable population of youth, has checked basic assumptions of participants and contacted with those that fulfilled the basic criteria as to participate. Between the candidates have been selected those that had a sport or art-relevant profile and where directly responsive to whatever has been asked during the preparation process, half of which had a less opportunities' profile. The groups is geographically mixed, greeks across Macedonia-Thrace and North Aegean islands, central Greece... and Cretan island (Northest part of GR and Europe..!...).

According to the results, the group of youth that has been awarded with the privilege of participation are the following:

  • Panayiotis Binikos, A 22-year old under-graduated student at the Department of Economics, University of Macedonia. Throughout his studies has demonstrated high levels of responsibility, discipline and teamwork. He has developed skills in time management and communication. He is a highly motivated student with proved abilities in multitasking, working within tight deadlines and operating within teams both as a member as well as a leader. Highly ambitious to develop his skills in Economics and in Data Science . Holder of top 2% IQ score (Mensa). Academic Interests: Data Science, Data analytics, Macroeconomics, Finance, Marketing, Econometric. He is from CHIOS island.

  • Stefania Kollarou, teacher of Primary Education with an Msc in Public Administration in Education has previously participated in Erasmus+ students mobility project in Portugal and has attended several seminars in robotics (lego), sexual behavior, ICT, special education, Braille writing system, etc. She speaks English, Italian and Portuguese. She has a few experience as a teacher in Primary Education. She has been volunteering for a shelter of immigrants and also in environmental activities of a scouts association. She is from Chalkida.

  • Christos Andaras, medical university student, with several distinctions for his high mathematical, athletic or even school performance. Christos has also participated to several theatrical shows and short films. He has been an ESC Volunteer in France (Camping le Belvedere Lastours) and has a working experience as a bank employee, factory worker and farm worker. He speaks English fluently. He is from Skydra.

  • Maria Tsaftaridou, student of dentistry in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, has several performance distinctions in Mathematics, Biology & Chemistry and speaks English and German fluently. She has also several distinctions as a young talent in business & entrepreneurship contests and challenges. She is an athlet as a football player. She has attended several seminars relevant to medicine and sports. She is from Thessaloniki, the "capital city of North Greece".

  • Nikolas Chelmis is a graduate of BIology and an Msc student in Environmental Biology. He speaks English, German and Italian. He is from Heraclion city of Cretan island.

  • Paraskevi Salavgia, Philologist, mainly interested in entertaining children in entertainment playgrounds. She has a professional experience as a secretary and contact person in a local business. She participates to several youth activities and is a member of PROTEKTA first aid volunteering association.

with Libiki Christina as their Youth Leader, leaves in Athens, and is a teacher of Primary Education with advanced skills in special education, environmental education, cultural topics and arts. She has been a volunteer of the Panhellenic Festival of Inclusive Culture DEAF AND HEARING people IN ACTION with major contributions and has participated to several conferences with oral presentations and articles.

The group will be accompanied by the EER Officer, Thomai Meladini, a senior member of EER, experienced in Youth Mobilities as the current.

The exchange that they will participate will enable an international team of young people form 4 countries interested in street arts and street sports to make the urban space their own canvas for bringing social issues to the foreground, with special regard to the issue of inclusion of disability. With this project we want to enligh the topic of inclusion of disability starting from the fact that disability is more spread than we think, if we consider that european statistic show that by the end of the 2020, one fifth of the EU population is expected to experience some form of disability. The EU and its Member States are committed to improving the socio-economic situation of people with disabilities, based on the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. As the population of young people with disabilities grows, so should the diversity and inclusiveness of recreation activities, schools and other aspects of daily life. Even if inclusion is a priority in the European agenda there is still a lack of inclusive culture. We want to activate and empower young people, including young people with disability, to contribute to promote a different approach to disability, where the disabled people is perceived for his own potential and not only according to the barriers he face. Starting from the personal experiences of disabled and non disable participants and using graffiti & performative sports, the participants will develop new methods to connect public art, social communication on disability, active citizenship, and the revitalization of public spaces. The project will allow us to educate young people and the community about different disabilities, the disability rights movement, and strategies for inclusion as all great ways each community member can become a part of the disability rights movement and advocate for peer condition and friends. We want to provide the young peole with the chance to experience the contact with disability and social issue even find themselves interested in disability-related careers like special education, advocacy, physical or occupational therapy, or adapted recreation.

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