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Welcoming the New Year in Karatasou Park: Basil's Pie 2021 & YCA establishment

by Jelena TODIC, ESC Volunteer

Last week, february 14th, at 10:00 a.m. in Karatasou Park, a welcome party of 2021 was held. The party was organised by Elena Kavazidou, president of the "ESAI EN ROI, Cultural Organization of Macedonia – Thrace" as a welcome for volunteer Jelena Todic, and also celebrated the establishment of the YOUNG COUNCIL ALLIANCES (7 NGOS unit their youth). Before the party began, volunteers shared flyers that had a map of the park on them and a hidden map of where the treasure is located. The party, in addition, volunteers placed wooden birds on trees in the park, as a sign on the road that directs where the party is located. Volunteers from different organisations as well as citizens living near Karatasou Park were at the party. Cups were shared for participants in the realization of this party, and the introduction of volunteer Jelene Todic with other volunteers.

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