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Youth Environmental Project e+ KA152 | Selected Participants | Marsaxlokk, MALTA

ESAI EN ROI, partner of the Youth Environmental Project [YOUTH mobility] is proud to announce the final group of participants. There has been viewed the announcement over 700 times. Between the readers, twenty one (21) young persons have expressed interest of participation. The youth mobility will take place in Marsaxlokk, MALTA, between 29 June - 5 July 2022.

The coordinator is NECImalta (MT) and the partners:

  • Greece

  • Romania

  • Estonia

  • Spain

  • North Macedonia

  • France

  • Malta (coordinator and host)

ESAI EN ROI Youth Group finally is:

  • Bessy (Vassiliki) Polykarpou

  • Konstantinos Tsaras

  • Hara (Harikleia) Papounidou

  • Stavro-Iakovos Mamais

  • Paty Pana

  • Stavros Nikolaou

  • Sara Elmakly

about Bessy, our YOUTH LEADER

My name is Bessie Polykarpou and I work as a social researcher and educator. I have participated in dozens of Erasmus programs as a participant, leader, trainer and coordinator on topics related to human rights, social inequalities, youth unemployment, ecology and disability. In addition, I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Social Anthropology at Panteion University.

about Kostas, Young Participant

PERSONAL OBJECTIVE I expect to be participating in several ERASMUS+ programmes to broaden my knowledge and skills through non-formal learning on topics that are relevant and complementary to the area of my studies. Participating in the short Erasmus+ programmes allow me to travel in new countries, get to know about the local culture of the host country but also the team members from different countries. Finally the most important are the new friends that I meet that even though we are strangers we are becoming a great companion. EDUCATION 2018-until today INTERNATIONAL HELLENIC UNIVERSITY (IHU)- DRAMA School of Geotechnical Sciences Department of Forestry & Natural Environment Landscape Architecture & Restoration. I have successfully completed A', B', C', D', E', F', G.semeste Preparing a Bachelor's project (Semester H) 2015-2018 AMERICAN FARM SCHOOL- Thessaloniki Vocational High School PLANT PRODUCTION TECHNICIAN. Interests: Sport Photo Painting Nature Travel. Skills: Continuous self-improvement Polite character Willingness to work Spirit of co-operation Consistency & responsibility

about Paty, Young Participant

Biologist, beneficiary of Mentzelopoulos scholarship for undergraduate students. Postgraduate Student of Applied Ecology at the Department of Biology of the University of Patras. Experienced in microbiological laboratory work and field/laboratory research in the field of Zoology. Awarded for her article on Biomedical Engineering in an international competition at the University of Sri Lanka. Excellent knowledge of English, and learning Italian at B1 level. Participated in 10 mobility programs as a scholar, also as a leader, active participant of several volunteering groups (BiTUP, BioLogia, IEEE) and content writer on blogs (Voyaging the World, onemorechap). Content creator about the hobby of reading on my personal Instagram page, onemorechap (10.1 thousand followers), collaborating with international authors, publishers, etc.

about StavroIakovos, Young Participant

My name is Stavros – Iakovos Mamais. I am 24 years old and I come from Andros which is an island in Greece. I am an undergraduate student at University of Thessaly, faculty of Mechanical Engineering. I enjoy spending time in nature. I like activities such as hiking, camping, walks at the beach and water sports.

about Chara, Young Participant

I’m a senior student in University of Thessaly faculty of Architecture. Currently I’m conducting my thesis regarding color and its connection to sound. I have studied for a semester in Siena Art Institute through a scholarship provided by the Stauros Niarchos foundation. Also I have been an active member in the university’s theatre group and participated in the short movies and performances organized by the group.

about Stavros, Young Participant

My name is Stavros Nikolaou. I am 18+ with a restless spirit and a variety of interests. I deal with sports, e.g. basketball and track & field sports, also formerly with kick boxing. I am interested in theater and interacting with the public. I have been a camper for many years, so I have a team spirit with the goal of living a normal life, both for my own and hopefully for all the others'. Social media and digital literacy (data literacy, information literacy, visual literacy, media literacy, and metaliteracy) are also areas of major interest.

about Sara, Young Participant

My name is Sara and I am 18 years old. I was born and raised in Greece, but my parents are from Poland and Egypt. I really love exploring new cultures, new traditions and implementing something from each culture in my daily life. My passion is STEM sciences and especially chemistry and biotechnology. A quote that inspires me is: “Sometimes, it‘s good to be scared. It means you still have something to lose.”

For more about the mobility check at the principal article, referring to the objectives of the mobility

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